Off to See the Wizard

So this month has been the most fun thus far!!!!  My little girl is a smiley babe who loves to play.  I couldn’t ask for more!  For her monthly updates I like to share the products we love to use with her, but pretty much we have done a lot of tummy time, walks, and naps.  SOOOO I decided to share a different story because this is a VERY special month {specifically today} for my little family.

Us Back in 2007

Us Back in 2007

As previously posted, I met my husband 7 years ago on this past St. Patrick’s Day.  Oddly enough, we met in a bar that I totally would not have gone to, except for the facts that my boyfriend at the time decided to go to a bar crawl without me {not the best boyfriend} and my brother needed a DD.  Thank you brother for drinking when I never really drank!  Jarret and I talked the whole night {I even drove my brother home and then went back to go talk to Jarret until the bar closed}.  I never thought I’d hear from him again and I had a boyfriend that needed to be broken up with anyways.  A mutual friend told him to ask me to a hockey game that he had gotten tickets to, I couldn’t pass that up!  The rest is history!  {Oddly enough, that St. Patrick’s Day night when we all left at 2 am, I was the only one who got pulled over and I didn’t even drink!  The cops saw us all leave and I turned left when everyone else turned right….  They felt stupid when I blew a 0.00 on the breathalyzer.  They just saw a young girl leave a bar at closing time on a “drinking” holiday.}

Chelsea and I back in 2003 I believe…

Now, unfortunately 7 days later {7 years to this day}, my best friend, my lovey, my furry sister Chelsea died.  She was a great dog!!! It was sudden and the worst day of my life.  Jarret never got to meet her.  I still talk about her and tell stories about her to this day.  We were so close and we had such a connection.  When I went off to college she would sit in the hallway outside my bedroom door and when my mom would try to get her to go in, she would just look sadly at her.  I miss her so much!  I miss her deep black eyes, her fluffy hair under her ears, the cowlick on her snout.  When she was sick that night, she came to me.  My biggest regret in life is not being in the room with her at her very last breath.  I didn’t know that you could do that, and the doctors didn’t offer.  Maybe it is better that I wasn’t there for that, but who wants to be alone?  I was the last to say goodbye to her and I drove around that whole night. I love her and I miss her. I can’t put it more simply than that!

I like to believe that it’s some kind of sign, some kind of positive energy given back from Chelsea that the day I happened to have my IUI was six years to the day from Chelsea’s passing.  It was one year ago today that with the magic of science, my baby girl was created. After all the blood work, needles, medicine, sonograms, medical procedures, vitamins, etc. that I had to endure… one year ago today was the day.  We had the greatest doctor and were so lucky that he was the one who had to work that Sunday and perform the procedure.  After the IUI, Jarret & I met up with my dad and brother to go see the movie Oz.  Two times that day, we were off to see a wizard.

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    Beautiful thanks for sharing

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